2021 Cosmic Planning Extravaganza - Map out your Year - Video Training & Cheat Sheets

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Want to Map out your Year with the Moon & Stars? 

Recorded: December 21, 2021. 

Note: Private Event often hosted only for Moonsight Planning Lab Members, grab access while it's on sale. You will get immediate access to this 3-hour training to help you map out your offers for all of 2021.

Map out your social media, your marketing, your launches, offers, and goals astrologically for all of 2021 in 3 hours or less.

    • Complete Lunar-Planning System for every aspect of your business from Launches, Sales, Bookkeeping, Content Creation, Brainstorming, Rest, and more. 

    • Includes 15-page Calendar Cheatsheets to show you the best dates to open and close your cart, for promotion, community nurturing, and marketing.

    • Get a quick study to Moonsight Social, in planning out your social media, with the Cheat Sheets which give you the BEST dates to promote on different social media platforms from Facebook Groups, to Pages, to Lives and Instagram, LinkedIn, and more!

    • Includes the Quick Plan Method Guide to map out your offers and goals through the year.

  • Replay Access to the 2021 Cosmic Planning Video - over 3 hours where I walk you through your plan for the year so that you can quell the overwhelm and walk out with a clear-cut and easy to implement plan for all of your launches, offers, and goals for 2021!


EXCLUSIVE Training hosted for Moonsight Planning Lab Members, now available a-la-carte at a discounted rate for a short period of time. *Black Friday discount only!*

This 3+ Hour Training helps you to map out your entire 2021 year from launches, to marketing, to goal setting.

During this Video Training you will get access to my Astrological Quick-Plan Method, the one I use for my own planning, as well as in-depth cheat sheets showing you the best dates for cart open and close, for promotion, for brand marketing, and when to promote on certain social media platforms.

This training was only available to Moonsight Planning Lab Members. Grab your access today. 


    • 3+ Hour Training
    • 15 Page Cheat Sheet Calendar Guide

    • Quick Plan Method Workbook.

Customer Reviews

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Just the Beginning

I'm blown away by the amount and quality of information that you offer. I've just started really paying more attention to how the different aspects impact my day to day operations, just beginning to log them as you suggested. I had always realized (since the 70s or so) that a VOC moon could mess up my productivity, but had not given it much more credence than that. I always just forced myself to power through it.

Yesterday I was determined to get several projects done. I was powering through mud only to get buried in it. Finally, I checked the calendar, and discovered that not only had the moon had been VOC, but there were other aspects that said slow down as well. I threw in the towel, took a much needed nap, and played for a couple hours until things straightened out a bit. Today, the main project is whizzing by.

Thank you for giving me these essential tools for making sense of my business planning.



Loved it!


2020 Cosmic Planning Extravaganza - Map out your Year - Video Training & Cheat Sheets

Packed with useful info!

I watched the training only once for now: there is a lot of info to review and implement, and I like that I can go back and review it as needed.
I think the more you get in tune with the info shared, the easier it gets to plan actions along with your energy flow and not against, which is more common!

Are even planning if it’s not by the moon?

Im never going back to a regular planner. If you’re looking for a way to take off the daily pressure of constantly doing and not achieving daily goals. This is for you