Moonsight 2021- 90-Day 2x DIGITAL BUNDLE (Q3-Q4) (Multi-Color) Moon Phase Daily Planners (July-Dec) Good Notes PDFs

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2021 90-DAY Planner DIGITAL PDF Bundle - Includes Q3 & Q4 Planners in PDF Format (July -December) DAILY MOONSIGHT LUNAR-GUIDED PLANNER PLUS 2021 DIGITAL CALENDAR FOR GOOGLE CAL DIGITAL PDF Bundle for use with Good Notes, Noteshelf, Notability Apps on iPad or tablet. (Note: this is NOT printable, digital ONLY format).

Featured in  Turquoise-Wave, and Royal Lavender & Gold Leaf with full-color interior and gold print accents throughout.  Each planner PDF contains over 150 pages of lunar-business planning goodness to help you stay productive and plan for your emotional and energetic highs and lows.

PLUS:  The 2021 Moonsight Digital Calendar Duo for Google & iCal (including both the 2021 Moonsight Lunar Calendar AND the 2021 Moonsight Astrological Calendar)


    • Includes:
    • 1 - Turquoise Wave 3rd Quarter PDF Digital Planner Planner - July-September

    • 1 - Royal Lavendar & Gold 4th Quarter PDF Digital Planner - October-December
    • For Northern Hemisphere.
    • For use with Good notes 4, Good Notes 5, Notability, Noteshelf.
    • Internally linked 
    • Not printable.
    • *NEW* Portable Size - 7.44 in. x 9.69 in. high portrait size
    • Each over 150 Pages.
    • PLUS: Receive Digital 2021 Moonsight Lunar and Astrological Transit Calendars for iCal/Google Calendar (Digital Version of the Moonsight Planner for Free with the purchase of this bundle $97 Value!)

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This is a PDF made for tablet note-taking apps such as Good Notes 4, Good Notes 5, Notability, NoteShelf for iPad and tablet. This is NOT printable. Linked & clickable index. No Tabs.

PLUS: A Copy of The Moonsight 2021 Digital Calendar DUO bundle for iCal/Google Cal for INCLUDED with Purchase!

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The 1st and only physical lunar-guided life & business planner designed to help soulful, creative, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs, creatives & sensitives navigate their emotions, mindset, and energy with the changing moon phases.

Moonsight Lunar-Guided Planner is brimming with features, easy to use down-to-earth lunar planning calendars and summaries. Designed to keep you productive and up-to-date on current and upcoming astrological influences before they knock you off course.

    • Complete Lunar-Planning System for every aspect of your business from Launches, Sales, Bookkeeping, Content Creation, Brainstorming, Rest, and more. 

    • 3-Month color-coded Daily + Weekly planner (set of 2) (July-December 2021)

    •  New Moon to New Moon Monthly Calendars

    • Daily Planning Pages

    • Northern Hemisphere (Can be used for Southern, with a few adjustments.)

    • At-a-glance lunar yearly calendar spread

    • Monthly New & Full Moon Forecasts (Mooncasts)

    • Over 150 Pages each

    • Includes FREE Access to Moon School - Digital Video Course to show you the ins and outs of lunar planning your business!

    • Includes FREE Moonsight Cheat Sheets to make your planning fast!

    • PDF Non-Printable version for Good Notes 4, Good Notes 5, Notability, and Notable.

    • Lunar + Solar Eclipse Summaries

    • Monthly Social Media Content Planning Spreads

    • Monthly and weekly goal setting

    • Income and habit tracking pages

    • Custom-designed gold-foil print and full-color pages.

    • Writing space for your biggest ideas

    • Daily Calendar spreads so you keep on task and out of overwhelm.

    • Additional grid pages (to map out your launches, funnels, and more)


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    Moonsight 2021- 90-Day 4x DIGITAL BUNDLE (4-Color) Moon Phase Daily Planners (Jan-Dec) Good Notes PDFs


    Finally! I can make sense of my planning this year!




    gorgeous and simply amazing tool!

    You can jump in quickly

    First, I had a little trouble with the download onto my device and Vanessa was SUPER helpful. We got it straightened out right away and once the system was downloaded, it imported right in and looks great! I foresee using this planning system for a long time to come, and I've ditched systems after my first read through of their intro pages.

    I love the idea and love being able to keep track of things with regard to the moon phases. I was doing that in my mind, but now it's nice it have a place to put it. I'm still learning both the system and the planner tech (I'm using Noteshelf which is new to me) so my learning curve has been a little steep. Even with that, it's easy to implement the energy tracking and elements immediately.

    I'm still a pen to paper person, so I may grab the 4th quarter softcover if it's available and work this system old school and new school! That sounds like hte perfect plan to me! I'm looking forward to adding different parts of the system every week!