Moonsight 2020 Digital Calendar For iCal and Google Calendar

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Note: The colors as shown in the pictures are not transferrable upon download. Unfortunately, Google Calendar and iCal do not allow the colors set for this calendar to be uploaded, however they can easily be changed to the colors you’d prefer.  The installation videos that accompany theses files will show you how to install them and color code them. Color coding is only available on Google Cal (iCal doesn’t offer this option). This Digital Calendar is Available for Immediate Download.

The 1st and only Digital lunar-guided business Calendar & Schedule designed to help soulful, creative and multi-passionate entrepreneurs navigate their emotions, mindset, and energy with the changing moon phases, all by the touch of their fingertips.

Moonsight Digital Calendar is brimming with features, easy to use down-to-earth lunar planning calendars and summaries. Designed to keep you productive and up-to-date on current and upcoming astrological influences before they knock you off course.

  • Complete Lunar-Planning System for your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop. For every aspect of your business from Launches, Sales, Bookkeeping, Content Creation, Brainstorming, Rest and more. 
  •  12-month Calendar (January – December 2020)
  • Northern and Southern Hemisphere (the moon phase directions are only for Northern Hemisphere) with times automatically calculated to your time zone.
  • Easy-to-follow Breakdown Summaries for all 8 Lunar Phases
  • All 4 Lunar Elements and Summaries
  • Retrogrades and Summaries
  • Lunar + Solar Eclipse Summaries
  • Notification alerts given before major transits so you always know what’s in motion.
  • Void Moons for all of 2020
  • Bonus Training – How to find where an eclipse will occur in your chart.
  • Can be used with both iCal and Google Calendar




This calendar-duo includes TWO digital calendars for all your business and planning needs.  The Moonsight Lunar Calendar is a moon phase, lunar-element and lunar zodiac enhanced Calendar. The Moonsight Astrological Calendar includes all of the upcoming planetary transits, solar eclipses, and Retrogrades, including Mercury. This power-packed duo includes everything you need to plan your business for 2020. For busy entrepreneurs or those who prefer a digital calendar instead of or in addition to their paper planners, this Calendar set is a must-have.  This digital calendar duo contains all of the important astrological events for 2020, including summaries of their meanings and how to use them, including all 8 moon phases, all 4 lunar-elements, all 12 lunar zodiacs, eclipses, retrogrades, retrograde shadows and void moon times. So that you can get productive, plan, and always know what’s going on in the skies and your business at the touch of your finger tips.


  • The entire Lunar Cycle for each month in 2020
  • All 4 Lunar Zodiac Signs so you can batch your tasks.
  • All upcoming Retrogrades for every planet, including Mercury (and it’s shadow periods).
  • All upcoming Lunar & Solar Eclipses.
  • Important Astrological Transits (including Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn!)
  • For Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
  • Compatible with Both Google Calendar & iCal
  • Includes notifications prior to those important transits so you don’t miss them (30-minute nudges on
    your phone.)
  • For all of 2020

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Love Love Love my Moonsight Planner

I found the Moonsight Planner two years ago and what a difference it has made! I now get more done because I can plan which days I will FEEL like working on an item. There is so much more in the planner, but if you only take this away it is well worth the investment. Thank you Vanessa!!!


Moonsight 2020 Digital Calendar For iCal and Google Calendar

It’s me not you!

Last years appeared to be so much easier.althoughi’ve used the same devices/computer as last year,can’t get to work yet...but I can’t wait

Hi Stephanie! Sorry to hear you've had trouble setting the calendar up. Please feel free to contact us directly at if it hasn't been resolved yet and we can help you troubleshoot :)

Moonsight 2020 Digital Calendar For iCal and Google Calendar

Great Product

Very informative and well designed.